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Who's who?

This page presents a list of the Inspectorate's senior staff: the Inspector General, the Chief Inspectors and the Divisional Heads.


Ms. J.A.A.M. (Ronnie) van Diemen-Steenvoorde

Chief Inspector of Nursing and Long-term Care

Ms. J. (Joke) de Vries

Chief Inspector of Curative Health Care, Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Technology

Mr. J.J. (Hans) Schoo MBA-H

Project Chief Inspector, Patient Safety, International Liaison and ICT in Health Care

Mr. J. (Jan) Vesseur

Head, IGZ Central Information Office

Ms. G.M. Bronner

Head of Communications and Public Information

Mr. W.J.M. (Walther) Verhoeven

Head, Legal Affairs Bureau

Mr. H. (Hans) ter Steege

Head, Administrative Support Bureau

Mr. A.J. (Ad) Serné