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Do you have a complaint about the Health Care Inspectorate?

Anyone who feels that he or she has been treated unfairly by the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) can submit a complaint. This is dealt with in the General Administrative Law Act (Awb). Complaints can relate to various matters, such as impolite behaviour on the part of an employee, delays in responding or taking action, and providing incorrect information or communication. It's important for us to know if you are unsatisfied about anything. That gives us an opportunity to do something about it, and to improve the quality of our services.

Do you have a complaint?

You can best discuss it as soon as possible with the Health Care Inspectorate employee concerned. You may then be able to resolve the matter together. An open discussion often helps to eliminate feelings of dissatisfaction. But that may not resolve your problem. You may also not have a contact person to discuss it with. Or you may prefer to discuss the matter with a third party, for example the complaints officer at the IGZ. In that case, you can submit a written complaint. How you can do so is explained further below.

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Independent complaints advisory committee

At first, we try to resolve your complaint informally. The complaints officer assists in that regard. He provides information and advice, investigates your complaint, and can mediate on your behalf. He can invite you for a meeting, which may also be attended by the employee in question. If this does not result in a solution that is to your satisfaction, your complaint is then submitted to an independent complaints advisory committee for advice. 

  • Mr P.W. de Vries, chairperson
  • Ms J.H. de Groot-van Wijk, vice-chairperson
  • Mr B.R. van Beusekom, physician (not practising) MPH
  • Mr W.A.H. Nugteren, physician
  • Mr H. Plokker
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Investigative procedure of complaints advisory committee

  • The committee asks the IGZ to provide a written response to the complaint. As soon as the committee receives the written response from the IGZ and any relevant annexes, it forwards them to the complainant.
  • The committee invites the person submitting the complaint and the person who is the subject of the complaint for a hearing. At the hearing, the complainant and the person who is the subject of the complaint are heard by the committee in each other's presence.
  • This results in a report of the hearing and an advice from the committee.
  • The committee forwards its advice together with the report of the hearing to the Inspector General. The Inspector General then reaches a conclusion and informs of the complainant accordingly by letter.
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How can you submit your complaint?

You can submit your complaint directly to the Inspector General:

The Health Care Inspectorate, to the attention of: The Inspector General
Postbus 2518 6401
DA Heerlen

For a complaint to be dealt with, it must: 

  • be signed; 
  • contain the name and address of the person submitting it; 
  • be dated; 
  • contain a description of the behaviour that is the subject of the complaint.
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Will your complaint always be dealt with?

There are a few conditions: 

  • The same issue has not yet been the subject of a previous complaint (unless there are new facts involved). 
  • The incident in question took place less than a year ago (unless its effect only became evident later). 
  • There are no current, applicable objection and/or appeal procedures. 
  • The complaint is not being dealt with or has not been dealt with by a court (other than an administrative court). 
  • No criminal investigation or prosecution is currently underway as a consequence of the behaviour that is the subject of the complaint. 

If your complaint will not be dealt with, you will be informed accordingly in writing within four weeks after your complaint has been received.

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Processing your complaint

  • Within two weeks after your complaint is received, you will receive written confirmation to that effect. 
  • The procedure for dealing with your complaint is completed within six weeks after it is received by us. If the Inspector General decides to submit your complaint to the IGZ complaints advisory committee for advice, the period for dealing with the complaint is 10 weeks. 
  • We can extend the above period by a maximum of four weeks. In that case, you will be informed in writing accordingly.
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Not satisfied?

Are you still not satisfied after your complaint has been dealt with and you have received a reply? After the Inspector General has dealt with your complaint, it is not possible to appeal the decision. In that case, you can still submit a complaint to the National Ombudsman or the Committee for Petitions and Citizens' Initiatives of the Netherlands House of Representatives.

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